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Starter Set - Round dish

€19.95 EUR

Our dish soap is a powerful multi-purpose soap, it can replace easily 2 plastic liquid soap bottles, cut grease and dirt easily, and is biodegradable.
Most cleaning products are full of harmful substances, making their ingredients list endless.  Boavista solid soap contains only 5 natural ingredients.
This starter kit includes 
  • 1 Solid dish soap in terracotta bowl
  • 1 Recycled fishing net sponge


BOAVISTA focuses on homemade dish soaps and the possibility of using large amounts of waste frying oils (a large source of waste).

The improper disposal of oil waste creates huge environmental problems, like clogging drainage systems, negative impact on wildlife, and production of toxic substances. It is estimated 200 million tons of this waste is produced annually.

After collecting the oil, we put it in a cleaning process, filtering and removing the rest of the impurities and odour.
Practical solution: Soap production using recycled cooking oil.
An ecological and economical alternative!