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Green Friday

Posted on November 24 2020

Green Friday


Green is the new Black

This year our planet has sent us strong signals to change our behaviour, actions, how we live and how we do business.

Every year, BLACK FRIDAY symbolises the assistance of overconsumption creating a negative impact on our planet. Due to the outbreak, most of the Black Friday sales are going online, but it does not change the amount of harm this causes the planet and only adds to the destruction of small businesses as they cannot afford to slash prices to the point of just liquidating stock.  

Why Black Friday should stop

  • Impulsive purchase are pushing people toward overconsumption
  • Small businesses are suffering as they cant keep up with e-commerce giants 
  • Overbuying can have huge negative consequences on the environment
  • We are facing a climate and social emergency and we have to act together by choosing our purchases well, buying less and making them last

    Photo by Stijn Dijkstra from Pexels


    Why are we standing against Black Friday?

    We join the #greenfriday movement which aims to change the status quo of our society, way-of-life and find alternatives to more responsible consumption. 

    It’s time to define what our real needs are and harness responsible options such as:

    • If you buy new buy something useful, with a purpose or long-lasting 
    • Repair, borrow, swap, make your own
    • Buying secondhand/vintage/preloved/recycled/up-cycled
    • Support the local economy
    • Support independent brands and businesses
    • Support brands that focus on sustainable production and have CSR efforts 

    Six and Sons help its customers to find what they really want or need by curating sustainable brands with a purpose. You don’t have to overspend or overbuy, by choosing conscious and quality products over quantity, it's a small step toward responsible consumption.



    Let’s be CONSCIOUS of what we purchase, and consider mother nature.


    Author: Marie Duin (Sustainability Consultant)