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GUI Jewellery

Wave Bracelet

€75.00 EUR

The Wave Collection takes its name from the oceans that make up the majority of the earth and inspired by the movements of the water world.


Bracelets are handsewn by using glass beads. The metal parts of the bracelet are made of brass plated with 18 karat gold. The bracelets adapt to different wrist thicknesses with the end chain.


Thickness: 1,5 cm

Care: When not in use, keeping the product in its box will protect it from dust and extend its life. Since the product is produced with glass beads, hard impacts can cause the beads to break. Please avoid contacting with chemicals such as soap, perfume and cologne, do not take shower or enter the pool and sea while wearing the bracelet.

GUI Jewellery

The sophisticated combination of shapes and colours allows users to create a bold and unique combination. The fine workmanship of Gui makes it possible to create a difference in every detail. Passionately designed organic form, geometric shapes and astonishing colour palettes of Gui, brings out remarkable and stylish accessories that can be used in any environment. 

The story of Gui begins with our need for getting away from the screens that are in the centre of our lives. While we were looking forward for crafting something with our hands, we met with the glass beading technique. The graphic area provided by the technique fascinated us and we kept on crafting. As two sisters, one from a business background and the other as a graphic designer, we established Gui to transform this passion into a brand. 

 Ethically made and designed in Europe