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Unique Herbal Mask + 3 sachets

€20.00 EUR

Each drawstring protective travel pouch includes:
- 100% biodegradable, washable hemp mask
-3 sachets
1x rose petals, 1x rosemary, 1x lavender/thyme

Hemp fabric for the mask, the pouch sawn to fit the mask with the herb sachets to fit. Drawstrings made out of linen.

The herb sachets can be used until all the natural fragrance is used. 
The hemp mask (not sachet) can be washed as often as necessary.

The production of the hemp material is done in Nepal.
The linen drawstrings are manufactured in Poland.
The herbs are grown in The Netherlands.

Handmade in Amsterdam.


Thyme contains the substance thymol, which is good for the respiratory tract when inhaled. The substances in rosemary appear to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain cells responsible for memory, rosemary is proven to be good for your memory and also has a nice aroma. The rose petals provide a sweet scent, lavender has a relaxing effect.

The herbs are 100% natural, retain their scent for a long period.

The main aim of the herbal mask is to sustain your health while making your journey fragrant at the same time.

We deliver the highest quality organic material and make sure every step we take in our production is friendly to our planet.