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PARC MONCEAU Tuberose & Jasmine, Candles, Kerzon - Six and Sons
PARC MONCEAU Tuberose & Jasmine, Candles, Kerzon - Six and Sons

PARC MONCEAU Tuberose & Jasmine

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Strolling through Parisian gardens is a wonder of every moment. Away from the noises of the bustling city, time holds its course. And along the tree-lined walkways, paved with flowers, the mind begins to dream. The Parc Monceau fragranced candle, from Tuberose & Jasmine notes is inspired by these cherished moments where each memory has its own fragrance, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Kerzon fragranced candles are prepared with great care from a perfect harmony between a natural and biodegradable wax, a pure quality cotton wick and a subtle fragrance compound from a selection of raw materials of high quality. Each candle come with a scented sachet from the same scent, to slip into a bag, a drawer or a suitcase. Fragranced candle, 6.52oz
Kerzon Kerzon is a Paris based brand making scented candles and soaps.


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