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Lana Siberie

Oscar Dress

€696.00 EUR

Time:  Vintage
Energy: Handmade
Nature: 100% vintage linen yarn

Colour: Natural, undyed 
Size: M
Edition 1 of 1
Sourced and Crafted: Moscow, Russia

Description: This maxi dress from LANA SIBERIE has been knitted by the hands of Svetlana. It is made 100% out of vintage linen yarn. A perfect sustainable dress to get your Oscar's in! I believe it was the year when the making of it coincided Leonardo Di Caprio got his long-awaited award!
On Medicine
Linen, perhaps, has the strongest energy from all materials. It awakens in a person a sense of calm contemplation, thoughtfulness and measure. Psychotherapists are convinced that the linen’s flax fibres protect people from depression, neurosis, mental disorders. A beautiful linen yarn is a filter, which saves not only from the chemically aggressive environment, noise, dust, radiation, but also works on the emotional stimuli. The fibre like a sponge absorbs all the negativity, protecting us, as a kind of shield.  
Flax is also a natural antiseptic, kills germs, and thus prevents the emergence of fungal diseases, inflammation, infection of skin lesions. This property of flax people have appreciated for a long time (they noticed that the wound under the linen bandages heals faster than under a cotton). Finally, flax -­‐ a great insulator. The temperature between the body and linen cloth in hot weather remains for three to four degrees less than atmospheric. And in cold weather linen carefully keeps the warmth of your body.

Lana Siberie crafts one of a kind items from handmade, vintage and natural materials. Sustainability, Mindfulness and Wellness are the main principals that govern the realms of the brand's universe.

* The weaving irregularity and colour variations that may occur in some of these fabrics are intrinsic to the hand process by which they were woven and dyed.