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By Mutti Memory Soup Plate, Tableware, ByMutti - Six and Sons
By Mutti Memory Soup Plate, Tableware, ByMutti - Six and Sons

By Mutti Memory Soup Plate

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The By Mutti porcelain series tells us the story of the seafarers. Eva Gernandt is het artist behind By Mutti. She used to work on a fisherboat and transforms the memories of her adventures at sea into beautiful china. Take this plate for example. Made especially for soup, but actually great for any small dish. It’s made of natural clay, hand painted with the colours of the ocean. Convenient fact: once you’ve finished your meal, you can put the plate in the dishwasher. A pitty to put this piece of art in the closet? We feel the same way. It works just as well as a piece of decoration on your wall, as a pretty fruitscale or as a gift for someone special.
      ByMutti Eva Gernandt grew up in an environment close to the ocean. In her youth she sailed, working on the wharfs, building boats and going out with the ships to work with the fishermen. The stories told by the old sailors of a time characterized by sea trade and great galleons is the spark in by Muttis collection TRO HOPP KÄRLEK. The motives of the Old School tradition often keeps a deep symbolic value.


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