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Iozzino Pasta di Gragnano

Lumaconi Pasta 500g

€4.95 EUR


Durum wheat semolina, water.
Keep in a cool and dry place.

Weight: 500g
*Contains Reduced Gluten

Iozzino, Pasta di Gragnano from Gragnano Italy

Since 1797, Molino e Pastificio Fratelli Iozzino ethically produces the best sustainable Italian pastas you have ever seen and tasted. The pure ingredients and the artisanal way of production create a unique product to prepare a delicious meal. The bronze dye that is used during the production makes sure that the sauce is fully absorbed by the pasta. Our Iozzino assortment consists out of 15 traditional pastas that really look like art. You have to cook it a bit longer than the retail pasta but it is really worth it!

Since 1797 the Pastificio F.lli Iozzino has linked its history to the ancient "Lo Monaco" mill, recognized by historians as the oldest mill and pasta factory in the "Valle dei Mulini" of Gragnano. In that year Marcantonio Iozzino inherited the mill taking up with his sons the milling of wheat and the production of artisan pasta and macaroni already started earlier by his wife Serafina's father. 

Since then the Pastificio F.lli Iozzino selects the superior quality wheat to obtain a semolina that can impeccably make "al dente" the cooking of its "maccaroni".

The production of artisan dried pasta started about two centuries earlier by their family. The house specialties are: Mezzani, Vermicelli, Zita, Occhi di Elefante, Maccaroncelli, Lingue di Passero and Fusilli. The company distributed throughout Italy and all over the world.