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Jeya Dai - OhMat

Long Kimono - One size

€150.00 EUR
This product is currently not available online. It can only be purchased in our physical store.

100% Silk upcycled Upcycled Kimono

Please note that each upcycled kimono is one of a kind and therefore the photograph is only a representation of what is available in the store.

Part of our ethos is to encourage daily rituals as a way to consistently show up for ourselves and one another. Ritual brings structure and purpose to our lives. Sustainable & kind choices are the fundament of our rituals. Without a proper fundament, we cannot show up in this world with our vision as a brand. 

Every item is made by Debbie and is Unique, just like you! The fabrics she sources carefully herself. The Silk she uses for the KIMONO came from vintage Indian saris. Some fabrics have a small imperfection/mark from their past life. But as Debbie says; ‘I love and embrace the story that it tells. In this world, we demand everything to be perfect, though being authentic is much more beautiful'. 

OHMat supports the earth in creating products that contribute to a higher good. Using organic natural materials, each product we produce is carefully crafted to lessen our footprint on the earth. We believe in transparency and sourcing through responsible and reliable suppliers. Understanding our supply chain means that we consciously exchange energy with those who contribute and beyond.