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Dahlia Mix ( Rosella, La Baron, Pretty in Pink) Bulb

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Dahlia 'Rosella' is a gorgeous and elegant variety with bright pink blooms.  These large, double flowers are 5-6 inches wide. 'Rosella' dahlia blooms in mid-summer and will produce flowers through the fall until frost!  This large-flowered Decorative type dahlia grows to 35 to 40" tall. By planting Dahlia 'Rosella', you can expect butterflies and other pollinators flying around your garden or patio this Summer! 

Dahlia 'Le Baron' is an incredible flower that suits all garden spaces but is a must-have for your cutting garden. Not only will they stand out in your beds and borders but it is also well suited to growing in containers so you can add bright colour to your porch or deck as well!

'Pretty in Pink' Dahlia have wonderful large 10" blooms that will liven up your garden through the summer months. They prefer full sun to partial shade and bloom summer to frost. This variety grows 40" tall. Plant them 5" deep and 20" apart. Native to Mexico and Central America, dahlias produce an abundance of wonderful flowers perfect for 'gift giving flower arrangements' throughout summer.


Planting Guide:
  • Planting period: April-May.     
  • 10 cm of soil on top of the bulb.   
  • Spacing 40 cm.         
  • Flowers from July until the first frost. 
  • Height 80 cm.

Half-hardy. Perennial. These bulbs cannot withstand freezing conditions or sitting in water. It is best to start the tubers in pots first, pot size needs to be around 4 ltr. Place the pots either in the greenhouse or somewhere that is frost-free. Once growing and free from cold weather then plant out into the garden. If you have well-drained soil, plant them deep and cover in the winter with mulch.  Feed well throughout the growing season with a slow-release fertilizer. If your soil is heavy it is best to lift the tubers at first frost, cut the stems back leaving an inch. Store upside down in a frost-free environment, replant in April. Propagation: Divide the bulbs every couple of years.

There's no need to water the soil until the dahlia plants appear; in fact, overwatering can cause bulbs to rot. After dahlias are established, provide a deep watering 2 to 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes with a sprinkler (and more in dry, hot climates).