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CUP 350ml

€40.00 EUR

Imagine you are on your way to morning yoga. It's a clear day and you lift your eyes to let them wander through the infinite blue of the sky. You close your fingers around your CUP sky with a smile, taste the fragrant coffee in it and enjoy this peaceful moment of pause.

The CUP sky creates exactly this weightless feeling. With its harmonious design, it supports you in your search for more ease in life. A precisely fitting lid, up to three hours of insulating heat and the pleasant drinking flow allow you to take your coffee with you throughout the day without any worries.

Look forward to a fantastic unboxing experience: your CUP sky comes in a chic, completely plastic-free tube box and with a classy microfibre buddy that protects it from scratches in the bag.


FLSK was founded in Munich, Germany, the core product is an elegant water bottle (flasks), combining outstanding quality and premium design.
The stainless steel drinking bottles are BPA and pollutant-free, keeping the drinks 24 hours ice-cold and 18 hours hot, the flasks and other everyday companions are made ethically in China.
FLSK a socially responsible and climate-friendly company, it considers reusability as only one pillar of its sustainable mission.

While working with GoodShipping, which is committed to sustainable overseas transport, FLSK is actively taking action to neutralise CO2 pollution.

CSR MISSION - "FLSK Movement“. The team of FLSK strongly believes that sustainable change comes from constant movement towards the ecological and social best possible. As an example of this, the team funded the FLSK Future Fund, where it donates regularly 1% of its their turnover (not profit!).
It raised a six-figure sum to support projects and people who are committed to the environment and society. The fund is managed in cooperation with the GLS Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung (Future Foundation for Development).