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Savon Stories

Argan oil with clary sage and neroli

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Hand-harvested in the region of our old family farm, this ancient Moroccan oil is cold-pressed from the kernels of the argan tree. Exceptionally rich in rejuvenating vitamins, antioxidants and a powerhouse of moisturising and hydrating compounds and fatty acids. A perfect holistic remedy for everyday wellbeing, acne, and hair treatment, argan oil is especially renowned for its rapid absorbency, leaving no greasy residue. We've carefully masked the oil's earthy/nutty aroma with a hint of relaxing Bulgarian clary sage, the crown of all calming essential oils, and a delicate lift of vibrant Italian neroli, giving both a nourishing and highly therapeutic treatment. Ingredients: 98% organic argan oil (argania spinosa kernel); 2% organic essential oils of clary sage & neroli (salvia sclaria & citrus aurantium - essential oils contain naturally occurring citral, farnesol, geraniol, limonene & linalool).