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Conscious Parenting with Dana

Conscious Parenting (Thursday 28 October 6:30pm - 8:00pm)

€20.00 EUR

LIMITED tickets per session!

The world is undergoing enormous changes in all aspects of living. Does this require a different parenting style? 

Future generations will be much different from who we are today, how we think, how we interact and how we behave. The most important is that the old paradigm "truth" has been questioned now, if not shattered, and needs to be reshaped. 

Come join us in discovering how as parents we can best serve our kids, prepare them for their new normal, give them the support and attention they need today to avoid traumas, dramas, and dis-ease in their future. 

Conscious parenting techniques facilitate a better understanding of children, their needs, and their values.

Conscious Parenting
- 1.5 hour session
- Reconnect with the Truth
- Define which beliefs are false, imposed
- Share some worries, fears around parenting or personal childhood
- How to raise unlimited not traumatised free creative powerful beings- Future of the society
- Some activities
- Q&As
- Meditations
- Healing sessions

Cacao has been used as a sacred drink for thousands of years as a way to connect to the Divine. Cacao helps us journey within, connect to our hearts, cultivate self-love, increase our consciousness and is a great catalyst for healing and personal growth. It comes from the Sacred Feminine Plant Family and is to be respected as a powerful healing plant medicine. 

About Dana: Dana is an international retreats facilitator, healer and coach. Applying inner wisdom and experience from living and working in different cultures, she promotes conscious living, connectedness to self and the Universe. As a Shaman, teacher, mother and impact entrepreneur she is helping people to get inspired, empowered and consciously happy.

Six and Sons
Haarlemmerdijk 31
1013 KA Amsterdam

20 Euros per person (1x Cup of Cacao included in the price). Limited spots available.

The event has 6 available spots. If there are not enough people the event will be postponed. 
The ticket can only be exchanged/refunded if at least 2 days' notice is given for not being able to attend.