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Sustainable wall rack FENCY - "S" (80x40 cm)

€129.95 EUR

Most designers design an item and then search for the right material.

Tolhuijs Design turned this around. Looking at waste material Tolhuijs uses it’s creativity to make great interior items out of it.
Such as the FENCY where waste material from fences is collected, cleaned and powder coated in a prison in The Netherlands.
Together with the various accessories, a great upcycled wall rack system is created.

What's in the package?

  • 1x Wall rack - small (80x40 cm) 
  • 2x Plank - double (39x18 cm)
  • 1x Shelf - single (19x18 cm)
  • 2x plugs
  • 2x hooks

    TOLHUIJS tries to make the world a little bit better with its products. Each of its products brings a story. 

    Many factories throw away high-quality waste material every day. TOLHUIJS starts with these materials and transforms them into sustainable design products. This happens on a large scale. Why can't this start small? Almost everyone throws out several trash bags full of waste every week. But is this all waste? We don't think so. There are so many "products" that can get a second life, which is why we released a book full of useful tips for you. Step by step it explains how to make the products, this with stuff that almost everyone has in the house.