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Lana Siberie

Checkmate Dress

€385.00 EUR €770.00 EUR

Time: Vintage
Energy: Handmade
Nature: 90% vintage handwoven linen
30% vintage handwoven cotton

Colour: Dark Linen/ Brown rainbow/ Green
Size: S
Edition 1 of 1
Crafted: London

Description: This garment is handmade from vintage linen and cotton and features square and circular details. The bottom of the dress is rounded and has a green and brown checkered pattern on the bodice.

AW17: In physics, a spherical pendulum is a higher dimensional analogue of the PENDULUM.

Geometry translates the steps towards balancing the energies. A male energy (square) is contained by the female energy (sphere). 

During the Autumn collection we’ve moved on to the, ‘In the Centrifugal Universe, there is a Rotation Speed within each other and a sequence within each other. There are an Expansion and an opening from the centre towards the circumference of a circle’. All womenswear garments focus on internal circumference within them.

Lana Siberie crafts one of a kind items from handmade, vintage and natural materials. Sustainability, Mindfulness and Wellness are the main principals that govern the realms of the brand's universe.

* The weaving irregularity and colour variations that may occur in some of these fabrics are intrinsic to the hand process by which they were woven and dyed.