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Cacao Ceremony with Natalja

Cacao Ceremony with Natalja Friday 17 February (6:30pm - 8:30pm)

€35.00 EUR

Let’s all come together in a cacao ceremony to treat your soul!
What  is a Cacao ceremony:
Cocoa has a rich history. There are traces of the use of cocoa that date back to more than 4,000 years ago. Cacao is considered a divine medicine and is used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes.
A cacao ceremony is a special gathering where people drink raw ceremonial cacao. Cacao ceremony rituals are used in shamanism.
Cacao is a heart opener (heart medicine). It encourages you to open your heart and get in touch with your true self. It enhances the sense of connection with ourselves and our true nature. Something that can be extremely difficult in this rushed society.
In a ceremony, you take the time for yourself and you reflect on your feelings and what is good for us. During the ceremony, we will do different exercises to connect with ourselves.
Only when we relax in what we are experiencing right now, we can open up and let go. Relaxation and presence in the silence provides the way, growth, connection and transformation.
The beauty of a ceremony and working in groups is that you increase the energy and frequency so that we can connect and grow collectively.

- 1.5 - 2 hour Ceremony
- Closing & Sharing Circle
- Intention Setting
- Ceremonial Cacao
- movement
- breathwork
- visualization

Six and Sons
Haarlemmerdijk 31
1013 KA Amsterdam

- 18h30 - 20h30
- Please arrive 15min before the start

22 EUR per person (1 x cup of pure cacao included in the price)

I am Natalja Sakes. I started my career in psychiatry and psychology. I wanted to understand people and myself to make the world a better place. During my studies, my beliefs and individual powers and spirituality were not seen as important and not part of the curriculum. The system looked for scientific proof and did not identify with the spiritual at all. I was disillusioned by the way the education system taught me to understand people.

In my first contact with cacao and plant medicine, I saw that we are way more powerful. Nature gives us everything we need.
When we connect with ourselves and go back to nature, we are capable of so much more. I want to show people how beautiful and powerful they are. Cacao helps us to go inwards so we can grow. I have found my purpose in leading and developing people through ceremonies and plant medicine.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat if you like.
The event has 8 available spots. If there are not enough people the event will be postponed to the following session or refunded.