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Cacao Ceremony with Maaike

FULL MOON - Cacao Ceremony and Meditation - Saturday 14 May - 18h - 20h

€22.00 EUR

Let’s all come together for a Full Moon Cacao Ceremony!

A Full Moon Cacao Ceremony to open your heart, feel where you can bring more balance into your life  and let go of what does not serve you anymore 
- 1.5-2 hour ceremony
- Grounding Meditation 
- Intention Setting
- Ceremonial cacao
- Heart Meditation
- Closing & Sharing Circle

Six and Sons
Haarlemmerdijk 31
1013 KA Amsterdam
- Saturday 16 April
- 18h - 20h
- Please arrive 15min before the start

22 EUR per person (1 x cup of pure cacao included in the price)
In this workshop, you will learn more about the Spirit of Cacao and what Cacao can do for you. We connect to the Cacao Power through a Heart Meditation: What does your heart truly desire? Working together with the Full Moon in Libra and her strengths: where can you bring more balance in your life and what are you ready to let go that does not serve you anymore?
About Cacao: Cacao is a gentle and very powerful plant medicine known as the ultimate heart opener, which helps us to journey within and connects to our heart. In addition to being packed full of vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain which helps to increase consciousness and expands insight and awareness. Cacao is a heart medicine and will show you what you need to know at this moment. She opens up a new depth of connection to yourself and others as well as the world around us.
Maaike de Koningh
After 15 years of working in HR and Recruitment for large corporates and start-ups, I felt deep down that my mission here on earth is to do something else. I have trained as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Reiki I & II and completed my coaching education. Even so, I felt something was slightly missing until I did a one-on-one cacao ceremony. The magic of cacao immediately grasped me, I felt how the cacao grounded, softened and opened my heart... I felt how I moved from being in my head, now also in my body and could answer no my questions and doubts with my heart and soul... At the same time, it balanced my male and female energy, peaked my creativity and gave me long-lasting energy... I simply loved it. And this is what I want to share with the world: the magic, love and wisdom of cacao in ceremonies in small groups and 1:1, to inspire people back to their wild hearts.


Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat if you like.
The event has 8 available spots. If there are not enough people the event will be postponed to the following session or refunded. 

The ticket can only be exchanged/refunded if at least 2 days' notice is given for not being able to attend.