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Ben & Anna

Ben&Anna Gift Box

€39.00 EUR
  • Bambus-Toothbrush (BEN&ANNA)
  • Toothpaste-Tabs (with Fluoride)
  • Toothpaste in a glass Jar (Black)
  • Shower tabs (Aqua Shower)
  • Deo-Creme in a Tin (Pink Grapefruit)
  • Deo-Papertube (Persian Lime)


All Ben & Anna Natural products are vegan, cruelty-free, 100% natural and completely plastic-free!

Living in Berlin for a long time, Ben & Anna decided to leave the urban jungle behind.  As a strictly vegan couple, they always pay attention to our consumer habits. Sustainable products, if possible organic, have always determined their consumer behavior. When it comes to cosmetic products, they also always trust the power of nature. When it came to looking for a deodorant they couldn't find a right one for a long time. It should be vegan and free from animal testing and aluminum-free. Since it was impossible to find such a deodorant, so they decided to develop their own deodorant, which is based exclusively on natural ingredients and is free from parabens. A deodorant that can be used by women and men alike. After a few attempts, a lot of time and tinkering, they were able to present their new deodorant, which also fills them with a little pride.