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Six and Sons

Polpa pronta all’arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

€3.75 EUR

If you like a basic, pure and fresh sauce.

Ready Mashed Tomatoes with basil (Pomodoro Fresco Italiano).

Mashed Tomatoes,(57%), Chopped Tomatoes (40%), Sugar (2%), Salt (0,8%) and basil (0,2%).

Nett Weight: 350g


Inserbo brings back to the table the taste of home-made tomato preserves, as it once was. Because the craftsmanship of the tomato, a tradition of the Campania region, is a family ritual.

The excellence of the tomato grown in the lands of Salerno and the Neapolitan area has always been an absolute protagonist of Italian cuisine, and offers fragrant and valuable varieties, appreciated for their true flavor.

The Inserbo recipe enhances the local plantations: the San Marzano PDO tomato from the agro-sarnese nocerino, the Corbara tomato from the Lattari Mountains and the Piennolo del Vesuvio PDO tomato from the volcano's soils. Without forgetting, then, the BIO production: maximum expression of genuineness and goodness, is conserved in glass and obtained using only raw materials from organic farming.