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Savon Stories

3-soap wood gift box

€27.00 EUR
  • Wood Box Soap Set
  • A thin sheet of birchwood
  • with 3 bars of your choice
  • 100% Natural Birchwood
Biodegradable box and ribbon 
Handmade in England
  •  350g with 3 bars

This beautifully crafted thin sheet of birchwood was designed to save on the water and resources otherwise used to convert the wood to cardboard, making it 70% more eco-efficient. A perfect example of "raw minimalism", both the wood and the wood-sourced ribbon are biodegradable (as well as the soaps inside).


100% Natural Birchwood. 100% natural & biodegradable wood sourced ribbon.


Savon Stories are an organic skincare and hair care brand based in London. Inspired by their families farming heritage they produce healthy, organic and minimalist beauty treatments, made from the purest raw ingredients to maintain all the virtues.