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Walking Stick by CleanWalk

€34.95 EUR

The CleanWalk walking stick is based on the traditional pilgrim stick. It is solid, easy to use and offers support while walking. The special serrated tip is designed to pick up litter and keep it on the stick during your walk until a bin is available to dispose of it in.

Each walking stick is unique and finished by hand.

Do you want to give your CleanWalk walking stick a personal touch or give a stick with name or logo as a gift? Then you can have the walking stick engraved with a name, logo or text

Material: Durable chestnut wood.
Size: approx. 130 cm.
Weight : approx. 500 grams.
Wristband : 100% leather.
Tip: Metal, with two serrated edges.
Cap: Rubber cap for hard surfaces.
Made in: The Netherlands.