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Cacao Ceremony with Nikita

Cacao Sister Circle (Sunday 21st November 10am - 12pm)

€22.00 EUR
ONLY 6 tickets per session are available!

Join forces with your sisters.


Sisters circles are ancient events held for thousands of years. It is a safe space to learn, connect and share. You will learn about the different seasons that we go through in our cycles, learn how to recognize signs of your body, and different ways of releasing what is no longer needed. Using the plant medicine cacao during the circle will allow us to more easily open, connect and support.

- Opening & drinking ceremonial cacao
- Heart opening poses
- Introduction to the cycles of the woman
- Sharing circle
- Move with music
- Closing

Bring your notebook and a pen. Wear clothing in which you can move freely.


Cacao is an ancient non-hallucinogenic plant medicine. Thanks to its heart-opening and euphoric effects, it can help you enhance your mood, work on subconscious blockages, and feel more connected to others and the world around you. It also promotes mental clarity and focus. 


Nikita is born in The Netherlands with grandparents from Aruba and Indonesia. Raised with spiritual awareness she is a life-long student and certified yoga teacher. Traveling abroad in her quest for self-love, she discovered the healing powers of the plant medicine cacao. Holding cacao ceremonies is her way of honouring the plant medicine and remembering her participants and herself to live with an uncovered heart. By setting a safe space, Nikita invites you to let go, connect with your heart and having fun while doing so.

After discovering the beauty of being connected with her feminine cycle, Nikita started organising Sister Circles to share her experience and while doing so, finding out the enourmous strength of having like-minded woman sharing their vision and knowledge. Every gathering is an exchange of knowledge where all women are both teachers and students. The feminine energy of the cacao supports sharing in a loving way.

Six and Sons
Haarlemmerdijk 31
1013 KA Amsterdam

The event has 6 available spots. If there are not enough people the event will be postponed to the following session. 
The ticket can only be exchanged/refunded if at least 2 days' notice is given for not being able to attend.