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Pure Kakaw

Cacao Flakes 100% - Nicaragua - 125g

€9.75 EUR

100% pure cacao from Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Aroma: full chocolate & red fruit. 

This cacao grows in the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua, a beautiful natural environment in the mountains. No chemicals or pesticides are used and higher prices are paid to the farmers for the quality that they deliver to support their sustainable way of working. What is unique about this cacao is the high quality fermentation that you can discover in its taste and aroma.

Flakes are extra easy to use for making your own cacao drinks. Just blend with hot water or plant-based milk and enjoy a frothy drink. Put them next to your coffee and tea at home or at work to enjoy in your daily life.

Just dissolve 1~2 tablespoons in hot water or plant-based milk. Optionally add spices like chili, cinnamon or cardamom. Blend into a frothy drink for the perfect serve. (Tip: 1 tbsp flakes = ±10gr.) 

Pure Kakaw is Amsterdam-based project born out of the fascination with the effects that cacao has on our body and mind.