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Cacao paste 227g

€8.00 EUR

Cocoa paste or cocoa liquor, pure, 100% cocoa. Ideal for pastry and chocolate. The best flavor to make an excellent hot chocolate. No added sugar, gluten free, lactose free. Without allergens. Vegan product.


Arawi in the ancient language of the Inca means poetry, a poetry of flavors and aromas. Our family owns cocoa plantations in Ecuador and our idea is to add value to the best cocoa in the world, so that our customers can enjoy all the aromas and flavors and pass it on to their customers.

Our cocoa grows in sustainable plantations of an incredible place on the southern coast of Ecuador. The plantation is blessed with rivers of clear water descending from the Andes Cordillera.

The harvest is carried out manually where our collaborators carefully choose the cocoa pods and select the cocoa beans. After harvest, the cocoa is fermented for 6 days, then the cocoa beans are dried. Our chocolate is made with passion in Paute, near Cuenca, Ecuador's third largest city.

Arawi is one of the few brands that have control of the entire production process, from the tree to the bar that allows us to have the opportunity to have exceptional harvests. As a good wine the taste also depends on nature and external conditions.

Our products are certified organic by Certisys in Belgium and are single-origin organic cocao products that are gluten-free and vegan.

  • Our cocoa beans have rather a fruity flavour with notes of jasmine, banana, earth, also develops a side red wine and dried fruit.