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Bathroom Essentials Gift Box

€42.90 EUR

This gift box is designed to provide you with fancy bathroom swaps for a zero-waste life and to enjoy every single second of it. It’s a fantastic gift for your girlfriend, sister, co-worker, mother, or even for yourself because you deserve a lovely gift as well!

The cyan colour combined with the monstera leaf shape of the ceramic soap dish gives a relaxing vibe to your sink. Our wood comb will reduce the static of your hair while providing you with a green sandalwood fragrance.

Additionally, we offer 3 types of cotton pads to choose from. The standard reusable cotton pads are excellent to use for almost anything, such as removing your makeup or nail polish. There are also the handmade face scrubbies in natural or in black colour. You can use them to remove your makeup and scrub the dead skin cells from your face, leaving you with smooth skin.

                Beewise is a company created to encourage people to live a sustainable life by helping them making conscious choices with the day-to-day products they use. Thier mission is to reduce plastic use by making eco-friendly, reusable, non-toxic and sustainable products available to everyone. Their packaging is plastic-free and compostable.