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Meet the Makers Market at Six & Sons EVENT

Posted on October 12 2021

Meet the Makers Market at Six & Sons EVENT

SATURDAY - 15  October 2021 -  2pm until 5pm 

Six and Sons, a platform for sustainable brands and an independent concept store in Amsterdam has created a one-day Meet the Makers Market in the store to introduce a number of local ecoprenuers with their products and services. 

This Saturday 16th of October from 2pm to 5pm you can mingle with local entrepreneurs who are focused on sustainability. The brands that will be represented are: Beewise, Cevelann, Soypa, Bernice, Vanlinnen, Red Orka, Adoree, Influence and Monica Virto as well as the founders of Six and Sons.

The free event highlights brands and products focusing on sustainability and well-being. It is a showcase to build awareness of the ecopreneurs themselves and provide an opportunity for storytelling of the local brands involved in the concept.

 ”Six and Sons is a platform for sustainable brands a bridge if you will, also known as a physical lifestyle magazine which is designed to be a gateway for brands to enter new markets in a simple, low-risk and a low-cost way, acting as a retail kick-starter, comments  Ilona Taillade, co-founder of the Six and Sons. 

The brands offer products and services in categories ranging from food and beverage, fashion, skincare, art, accessories and homewares. 



The brands:

Beewise: is a Dutc

h company created to encourage people to live a sustainable life by helping them make conscious choices with the day-to-day products they use. Its mission is to reduce plastic use by making eco-friendly, reusable, non-toxic and sustainable products available to everyone. Their packaging is plastic-free and compostable.

Cevelann: is an Amsterdam-based brand that offers ethical, handmade, artisanal lifestyle accessories. Founded in 2014, Cevelann is a convergence of childhood memories of being wrapped up in the softest cotton and of inspiring travel stories. The name itself refers to the word for ‘Journey' in Ottoman. The company designs its products in Amsterdam and work directly with the last family businesses in the Mediterranean that still continue the traditional techniques of weaving.

Soypa: is a micro company located in the Netherlands dedicated to the production of high-quality artisan soaps using a thousand-year-old technique called the cold process. Besides the eye-catching soap design, the main emphasis of the company is on using plant-based ingredients and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Soypa's vision is to be a role model for their customers in the transition towards sustainable living.

Vanlinnen: Dutch based homewares and fashion linen brand. Handcrafted small atelier in Europe and made from organic 100% linen - the fibres of flax plants. Flax uses less water and pesticides to grow than cotton and it is fully biodegradable when it's not mixed with other materials. It is one of the oldest textiles in the world and the most durable - to reduce buying clothes every season. Most of their items are made on-demand and tailored because they support reasonable consumption and want to produce more of what you like, instead of overstocking. They transport goods as rarely as possible and only with land transport to minimise CO2.

Red Orka: An Amsterdam-based sustainable baby wear brand that cares deeply about doing better for our planet and future generations. Red Orka’s rompers are made with 100% organic cotton and used on a circular subscription basis to ensure that each romper is used optimally. The brand’s goal is also reflected in the name itself as Red Orka translates to ‘save energy’. Red = ‘save’ in Dutch, and African. Orka = ‘energy’ in Icelandic.

Adorée: Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand, focused on the production of handmade eco, vegan cruelty-free candles. The name itself stands for "to revere, to love, to adore”. The company aims to reduce waste and create a better environment. The candles are sustainable because they are made to prevent smoke and soot, reducing CO2 emissions, encouraging recycling with the reuse of paper and glass whilst bringing a sense of happiness to wherever you are with the look and scent of the candles.

influence!: An accessories brand that was born as a result of an alarming observation: socks are the most requested item in homeless shelters. All the Influence! socks are produced in a family-owned business located in the north of Portugal with every purchase making a contribution to the creation of a sustainable supply of socks distributed to the homeless through the company's non-profit partners.

Monica Virto: Dutch-based goldsmith whose work is inspired by natural elements. Drawing inspiration from her Basque heritage, she designs jewellery that captures the raw and rough beauty and unpredictability of nature. All her work is entirely handmade using solid silver and gold, making each piece last a lifetime.

Cacao Ceremony with Linnea: Linnea is a yoga teacher (RYT500), certified holistic health coach, pranic healer and cacao ceremony facilitator. As a nomadic soul, she speaks 5 languages and has lived and travelled more than 30 countries before settling down in Amsterdam. Linnea’s classes and ceremonies are a sacred space where everyone is welcome, regardless of previous experience. Her offerings are characterised by joy and her intention is to gently guide you towards coming back home – to yourself, to love.

Bernice: A creative digital nomad who creates custom made storytelling portraits in the shape of a mandala. The portraits are made of your careful selected pictures. The images are of specials moments, people and or possessions. Each portrait is a collaborative creation.


no name is a natural sustainable Swiss chocolate brand. Their goal is simple: to connect the natural beauty of the cocoa-growing farms and people who love chocolate and want to go further. no name’s flavour is the result of the work of the men and women of Hacienda La Tentación in Caldas, Colombia. no name is a rich flavour in single mouthful..Free taste testing at the CACAO BAR 


You are welcome to join us on Saturday at 2pm until 5pm. 
Please let us know if you would like more information about this event.

About Six and Sons

Six and Sons is a store that mixes lifestyle, giftware, fashion and a cacao bar - where you can experience pure cacao (ceremonial style) and herbal teas. It's a combination of sustainable fashion, vintage, up-cycled/recycled, handmade and home-wear, art, furniture and jewellery. We curate brands that are hard to find and have a great story to tell about how they are helping in their own way to reduce waste and save our planet. It is an online and offline platform and we often change the brands (like in a lifestyle magazine) showcasing the best of and sharing valuable stories. Six and Sons - stands for… Six degrees of separation & Save Our Nature Story.


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