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GREEN STAR - Nomination

Posted on March 19 2021

GREEN STAR - Nomination

Each week we share with you a brand that we appreciate because of its commitment to reducing waste. We give them a GREEN STAR and acknowledge them in this post. If you have a brand you feel we should mention please let us know! 



Danish Mens Fashion Brand (Week #4)
Founded in 2014 by Jeppe and Jesper

Based in Copenhagen, forét is curated to reflect the essence of going offline and to enjoy your surroundings; using high quality fabrics, made from responsible materials to improve your everyday journey from the office to the urban outdoors.

Their keywords are minimalistic design, quality garments and sustainable minds. The brand is the opposite of fast fashion and make slow goods in a wooden mind.

forét is inspired by the French word for forest. We just replaced the circumflex with an apostrophe to create our own interpretation and graphic expression of the word.

Forét was created in the soil of our love and respect for Nature. With our mantra of slowing down with Nature, we strive to participate and contribute to making the change.

forét collections are made from durable and mindfully produced timeless garments crafted to last through the test of time.

The fabrics they have used in 2020 and 2021 are Organic Cotton GOTS -Recycled Polyester GRS - Recycled Wool GRS, as well as Cotton, Polyester, and Wool.

95% of their production is located in Portugal. The company also focuses on minimizing the waste from their production and therefore, we make sure not to produce much more than what we have already sold to our customers.




German Mens and Women's Fashion Brand (Week #3)
Founded in 2007 by Anton Jurina and Martin Hofeler


ARMEDANGELS is a fashion label based in Cologne, Germany. The label creates and produces sustainable fashion that is both ethical and fashionable. The company is looking to change the perception of eco-friendly clothing being "hippy like" and not fashionable to it being perceived as 'hip', 'chic' streetwear. he firm's philosophy is built on three main pillars:

- being good to the environment,
- supporting fair trade,
- donating to charity.

For this reason, they use organic cotton in their clothing, attempt to avoid large shipping distances (to reduce CO2 emissions), try to pay more than minimum wage to their farmers in India, and donate a euro of their profits from every article of clothing sold.




"We have to radically rethink fashion.
If we do not, we will perish perfectly styled.
What if trash was not only the problem,
but also the solution?“

Martin Höfeler




Scandinavian Sneaker Brand (Week #2)

wodne sustainable sneakers

Founded in 2013 by Carsten Holm (a shoemaker with a long history in the shoe industry)

He realised that nature and the Scandinavian design tradition combined with the DNA of the sneaker and high quality at a reasonable price would be the perfect foundation for creating a fashionable sneaker. Today, we call this Scandinavian Simplicity.

Fashion, functionality and anatomy are essential elements of the WODEN DNA, ensuring that our sneakers are meticulously designed for urban life.

We strive to constantly push the boundaries for how shoes can be constructed, focusing on giving our shoes a greener footprint.

The company has replaced as many synthetic materials as possible with materials such as fish leather as the WODEN DNA, a minimum of 10% recycled rubber in their outsoles and eco-friendly cork insoles in all their shoes.

fishskin sneakers




Recycling fish leather minimises the waste sent to landfill and keeps resources in use for longer.

No extra energy is used for production.

Fish leather is 10 times stronger than calf leather, thanks to its natural cross-fibre structure.



noumenon logo (Week #1)

Founded by Dena Simaite

This Amsterdam-based, 100% vegan, PETA-approved fashion label launched with the intention of merging "ethics with aesthetics"


jumpsuit noumenon


Noumenon's designs are refined and timeless, with elegant cuts using recycled materials and eco-friendly fabrics such as Tencel (recycled wood pulp).

Using eco-friendly dyes, recycled paper for packaging, and sourcing materials in Europe to reduce Carbon Emissions.

With Noumenon Dena hopes to change the world in a positive way.

Her motto is: ‘Change the world, and look amazing while you do it.’


These brands are not necessarily on our platform.... it is to honour their presence.